In the Polyfarming project we have developed the ‘PASTOREO’ application, which is available for free on the website.



The software makes it possible to monitor the growth of grass plots when controlled intensive grazing is followed and store the information for each user. It is currently available for the entire territory of Catalonia. It works in the following way:

  • The application has all the maps of Catalonia loaded and allows you to select the territory of the farm throughout the region.
  • Once the farm has been identified, the user’s own plots can be drawn and numbered with a series of drawing tools.
  • From then on, you can enter information about each plot as the cattle graze on each plot. It includes information on the characteristics of the pasture before the animals enter (day of entry, size and proportion of legumes and grasses, if it is at the optimal resting point) and after they leave (day of departure, how many animals have entered, the amount of grass not consumed, extra bullets supplied).
  • The data for each plot is stored in the application, it can be viewed globally and can also be downloaded to Excel.

How can you access to the app?

Each user enters with their private password. You can request your own username and password to enter the application at