Third annual monitoring meeting of the project (Barcelona and Planeses, June 26-27, 2019).
The third annual follow-up meeting was held between Michel Quicheron, as project adviser of EASME of the project, Pepa Diamantopoulos, as a member of the NEEMO-IDOM project monitoring team, and the POLYFARMING project partners. The meeting took place on the 26th at the CREAF facilities and on the 27th at the Planeses farm, where the demonstration activities of the project are carried out. On the 26th, it served to supervise the actions carried out so far, review the planning status of future actions, review the expenditure items made so far, and answer the questions posed by the European Commission regarding the response given by the partners. to the considerations of EASME on the Mid-term report. On the 27th it was used to assess the terrain of all the activities carried out in the forest, the pasture area and the orchard, as well as to discuss the communication and transfer aspects of the project results.